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 A few Minor Updates

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2009 10 24
PostA few Minor Updates

a few minor updates are being implemented,

Multi-Quote Added
Currently allowing HTML Embedding into posts
Quick Reply Added
Allow Users to Edit the names of their topics
Allow Colored Topic Names
Welcome PM Message enabled
changed the sticky name to "Pin"
Announcements Scroll bar added
Rules Posted
Report Post added
Additional Rules Added:
===============Board Space Forum Rules and Agreement===============--Agreement & Rights & rules:-Board Space Admin / Founders (klutch2013 & imastarfish) reserve the right to ban, delete, and warn users at anytime. -No exceptions will be made to the rules-No multiple accounts-Users caught spamming have their warning bar set to 1 more warning before IP Ban.-PM advertising such as, PMing links to people is no allowed. -After a warning you can appeal the warning by PM to klutch2013 or imastarfish, please include,Reason for warning, first time offense? date warning was added, and who warned you.-The above appeal rule apply's for temporary banns-You as a user have the right to report posts that are against and above or below rules.-Any Broken rule will be subject to warning or ban.-No ripping artwork or anything from BSP without permission-Please use common sense when posting----No Racism----No Swearing----No mean comments----Use common sense this is public!!!

Thanks everyone! a few new services coming soon!!!!

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A few Minor Updates :: Comments

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A few Minor Updates

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